Deliciousizing Your Food

As promised, more about step two of nutritious and delicious eating.

Broaden your culinary horizons.  Don’t just buy and eat the same old foods and cook them the same old way.  This is especially important if you’re one of those people who eats vegetables, or fish, or something else simply because its good for you even though you’re not crazy about.  I applaud you for that, but remember this is all about enjoying what you eat.  Many of us get into a rut and go on cruise control in the grocery store.  Not only could you be limiting your nutrient possibilities you’re limiting your tastebuds possibilities. 

When you go to the grocery store, take a few extra minutes each week in a different department.  Look high and low, left and right and all around your “usual” foods and see what there is.  Each week select at least one new food–now before you go out and buy the new pretzel M&M’s instead of the plain ones, remember this is the part of eating healthy that focuses primarily on healthy foods.  There’s room for less than stellar foods too, as I’ve said, but right now it’s about trying to expand your variety and intake of whole, nutritious foods. 

So, pick up that pomegranate next to the bananas, or the quinoa next to the minute rice.  You see where I’m going here.  Then turn your kitchen into a mini laboratory.  Google your new food or foods to find new ways to prepare them and don’t give up after one bad experience (if you have one).  I love for finding new recipes–not only are there thousands of recipes for any food you can imagine, but cooks review them and often give suggestions for how to improve the recipe or alter it in various ways. 

Another great way to try new foods, at least fruits and veggies, is to join a CSA.  Sure, the tomatoes and corn are great, but what are you going to do with the Kale???  I’ll tell you right now, both kale chips and White bean, Chicken sausage and Kale soup are yummy!

I hope I’m encouraging at least some of you to step outside your usual recipe box and shopping list.  I’d love to hear ways you’ve found to incorporate new foods into your lives…

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  1. Beema says:

    I did this just this week~~~I tried parsnips and they aren’t bad…

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