Recipe Redux: Ice Cream in a Bag

Ok, I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m taking a bit of liberties with this month’s topic–Food in a Jar. But, as we’re in the dog days of summer and I just returned from a family camping trip (where we made this), this recipe is all I can think about. And really, how much different is a bag from a jar, right?

So, ice cream in a bag, yes you read it correctly. Sounds weird, but yum! Keep in mind, this is ice cream and therefore will contain real cream and real sugar, but that’s pretty much it, except for a splash of pure vanilla extract. And personally, I’d much rather feed my family a small amount of the “real” stuff than a bunch of stuff with words I can’t pronounce–seems kinda strange to me that some store bought ice creams have an ingredient list that’s over an inch thick. Really, how much room do the words “cream, sugar” take?

Something else to keep in mind about this recipe–it’s portion control at it’s finest. If you can’t stop yourself with just a scoop of ice cream, no worries here, you have to, that’s about all there is.

Plus, it’s a great activity for the whole family. My kids are amazed that I pour a liquid into a bag and a few minutes later we’re scooping out a solid, a sort of solid at least.

This recipe is pure vanilla, but we’ve experimented with adding a little chocolate syrup which of course is yummy too. Let me know if you try any fun flavors.


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3 Responses to Recipe Redux: Ice Cream in a Bag

  1. Ha- You sure did take liberties with this one Heidi! 🙂 Love the ice cream in a bag idea. Fun for the whole family!

  2. Love the ice cream in a bag trick back from my Dairy Council days. We’d also make it in coffee cans and kick it around 🙂 After you make it, then you can serve it in a jar!

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