Recipe Redux: Hot Cocoa Mix

I was thrilled when I read the topic for this month’s redux–mixes! I Love making and giving food mixes, well, just food gifts in general. And I knew immediately I was going to make a hot cocoa mix. Who doesn’t love a steamy mug of hot cocoa on a chilly day? No one in my house that’s for sure.

I started looking around at various hot cocoa mix recipes and found a common ingredient, one I didn’t care to use in mine–powdered non-dairy creamer. Yes, with all the various flavors available you can make a variety of kinds of hot chocolate mixes. But for my mix, I wanted one that was more au natural. So I measured and mixed and mixed and measured until I came up with a mix that I liked. And of course, one that my kids gave their stamp of approval on.


See what my colleagues mixed up:


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6 Responses to Recipe Redux: Hot Cocoa Mix

  1. Going to try these with my kids. We are having an early winter here in SW France!

  2. Serena says:

    I grew up on homemade cocoa mix and make it for my kids. But I’ve NEVER added cornstarch. I’ll bet it makes it thicker! Will have to try Heidi! (We just ran out of mix…so will make SOON!)

  3. A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family.

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