Processed Food: Not all bad

Think banning all processed foods from you and your family’s diet is the only way to ensure you’re eating healthy?  Well you may want to think again.  Certainly there are many highly processed foods out there that you and your family can avoid without problems, and most likely be healthier for it.  But, you may actually be missing out on some nutrient-packed foods by enforcing such a ban 100%.

Think about it, while processing often brings to mind overly salted, overly sugared, and overly chemicaled foods, it’s really any action taken on a food that takes it from the way it’s found in nature and turns it into something you can eat.  Processing includes any cutting, peeling, cooking, and more.

For example, wheat.  Many people consider white or all-purpose flour a processed foods.  But did you know whole wheat flour is often more processed?  That’s right,  whole wheat flour is often milled into white flour and then undergoes additional “processing” to add the rest of the grain back into it.

That’s just one.  There are a few other foods such as canned 100% pure pumpkin, tuna packed in water, canned tomatoes, and more.  Processed foods that can add quite a nutritional punch to your diet.  Just another example of how eating healthy isn’t an all or nothing decision.


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  1. Melinda says:

    Great post! This is the one term I see misused most often- by both RDs and my nutrition students. The second one I hear, and mostly from students, is “I won’t eat anything with chemicals in it”, unfortunately this means they probably need to focus a little more on science and chemistry classes!

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