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Heart-Warming Foods

Fresh, January/February 2008

February is American Heart Month, and here at Hannaford we want to make sure it's easy to find heart-healthy eating options.  For entire article contact me.

Superfoods: Top 12 Foods for Women

Today's Diet & Nutrition, November/December 2007

In general, we all need the same nutrients to be healthy.  Men and women alike, for example, need protein, fat, calcium, and fiber.  However, being the unique creatures we are and needing to perform the assortment of nature's special tasks makes us special in more ways than one.  There are specific nutrients--and foods in which they're found--that are especially beneficial to women.  And lucky for us, they all taste delicious!  For entire article contact me.

Morning Sickness

Today's Diet & Nutrition, September/October 2007

While it may be called morning sickness, anyone who's had the misfortune of suffering through it knows it can strike at any time--morning, noon, or night--and last all day long.  After a recent bout of it (my second) and having lived to tell the tale, I was curious about some of the whys and what-to-dos about this condition that can range from a slight annoyance to a downright danger.  For entire article contact me.

1 + 1 = Better Nutrition

Today's Diet & Nutrition, September/October 2007

We all have our favorite food combinations--macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies.  We eat them because we love the way they taste together.  But what if you could combine certain foods in such a way that they'd taste great, but they'd also be healthier?  And I don't mean just your run-of-the-mill healthy--I mean super-healthy.  For entire article contact me.

The Healthiest Family Dinners : Sneak 15 Necessary Nutrients into 5 Simple Meals

Family Circle, September 2007

Does your family balk when you suggest trying to eat healthier?  Or perhaps between lack of time and trying to please everyone, you've gotten to know the pizza delivery guy all too well?  We're here to help with five easy--and affordable--meals that are jam-packed with powerhouse nutrients (at least three in every meal).  For entire article contact me.

The Spice is Right

Today's Diet & Nutrition, July/August 2007 to present

A monthly feature highlighting a variety of spices.  For specific articles contact me.

Cool Down Without Bulking Up

Woman's Day, June 2007

Giant frozen concoctions may offer sweet relief on a hot summer day, but what hits the spot can also pack a wallop of calories and fat.  Here's how to make sure you won't need to hit the gym every time you cool off.  For entire article contact me.

Cooking With Oil

Today's Diet & Nutrition, May/June 2007

While shopping today, I counted no less than fifteen types of cooking oils on my grocer's shelves.  And if your store is anything like mine, it has just as many, if not more.  Reasons for choosing one oil over another range from nutritional quality and cooking ability to flavor and price.  Bottom line, everyone's needs are different adn there may not be just one that is the best for you.  In fact, right now, I have five kinds of oil in my cupboard and I use them all regularly.  So how should you decide which oils to use when you cook?  First, you need to understand their differences.  For entire article contact me.

Welcome Back Shellfish

Today's Diet & Nutrition, January/February 2007

It never fails.  Every time I advise a client to eat more shellfish, the response is always the same, a shocked "Isn't it too high in cholesterol?"  Americans seem to have gotten a big dose of misinformation when it comes to the nutrition facts about shrimp, lobster, clams, and other shellfish.  In fact, these foods are not swimming in cholesterol.    For entire article contact me.
WD 9-06

Lose Weight Without Dieting: Easy ways to cut 50, 100 or 200 calories

Woman's Day, September 2006

The prospect of cutting calories usually means giving up foods you love.  After all, when trying to drop a few pounds, most people focus on banning the big-ticket items, such as cake and french fries.  But making small changes to your daily eating habits can have a big impact too.    For entire article contact me.

Night & Day: Eating to Relax, Eating to Energize

Today's Diet & Nutrition, Spring 2006

Have you ever grabbed a candy bar from the vending machine for a late-afternoon pick-me-up or sipped a mug of warm milk to help settle into a long night's sleep?  Chances are you've tried at least one of these food cures.  But are they the right choice for the job?     For entire article contact me.


Nourish your Mind and Body

iVillage.com, May 2006

You are what you eat, in more ways than one.  Subsisting on fat-laden fries, sugar-filled drinks, and salt-packed convenience foods can leave you sluggish and weak.  You drag all day, hit an afternoon slump and your body immediately demands more sugar for energy.  Enjoying a variety of vitamin-, mineral-, and fiber-packed foods, on the other hand, builds a strong body and allows you to power effortlessly through the day.  A well-balanced diet can also help you fight off colds, daily stressors and disease.      For entire article contact me.

Make the Right Choice

Looking Good Now, March 2006 to December 2006

Make the Right Choice is a monthly feature about showing simple changes to make when choosing meals and snacks to boost nutrition and lose weight.                For entire articles contact me.

Is Your Diet Making You Hungry

Looking Good Now, February 2006

When it comes to losing weight everyone you talk to seems to have a special trick that makes it easy, or at least that's what they claim.  Many of us have heard advice like: "Don't eat fat."  "Don't eat carbs."  "Don't eat breakfast."  See a pattern?  The weight-loss advice is all about not eating something.                                                                      For entire article contact me.

Living Well

Eating Light, Woman's Day Specials, Spring 2006

Eating right means more than just helping you look fit and trim--it's about how you feel and staying healthy.  The right diet can help lower, or even prevent, your risk of many diseases, including diabetes, heart-disease and acid reflux.   For entire article contact me.

Your Emergency Weight Loss Plan

Fitness, July 2005

Drop that sarong!  It's time to get serious about losing those last five pounds, and we've got the plan to help you do it in four short weeks.  It couldn't be simpler:  First we tell you what to eat, what to limit and what to avoid entirely.   For entire article contact me.

The Simplest Way to Lose Weight

Looking Good Now, May 2005

Here's a basic fact:  One pound equals 3,500 calories.  That means to lose weight you need to get rid of 3,500 calories for each pound you want to lose.  You could exercise away the 3,500 calories.  You could eat 3,500 fewer calories worth of food.  Or you could combine the two -- exercising more and eating less.   For entire article contact me.

Lose 60 Percent More Weight (Calcium Update)

Fitness, December 2004

What if there was one nutrient that could fight cancer, prevent heart disease and help you lose weight?  There is--calcium.  A flood of new research is beginning to reveal that this mineral can help protect your entire body, not just your bones.  Click for PDF of entire article



A Dozen Reasons to Eat Eggs

Self, December 2004

Once cruelly banished because of their high cholesterol content, eggs have scrambled back onto our plates.  In 2003, Americans ate 19 percent more eggs than they did in 2002, according to AC Nielsen research.  Apparently, news has spread that eggs contain nearly 25 percent less cholesterol than was previously thought.  Click for PDF of entire article

Supermarket Slimdown

Shape, September 2004

It's easy to drop unwanted pounds when you're a savvy shopper.  Here's your guide to the best and worst food choices in every aisle.   Click for PDF of entire article

Beat the Fat Season Diet

Fitness, December 2003

If you made it through Thanksgiving without gaining an ounce, hold on to your waistband.  The true season for diet disaster is now.  To get you through the holidays without looking like Santa's sister, we've devised a game plan.  This diet makes it easy to stick to your calorie budget--while still enjoying all those seasonal treats.   Click for PDF of entire article

The Lemonade Stand

Scooby Doo Scooby Snacks, July  2001

With the same certainty that days will be longer and evenings warmer, summer brings with it an age-old tradition of youth--the lemonade stand.  Almost as soon as boys and girls begin learning about money and its ability to get them more stuff, they want to start making it.  And, the school-free days of summer vacation brings the opportunity for their entrepreneurial spirit to begin.  Click for PDF of entire article