World Food Day: Sunday Dinner

This Sunday, October 16, 2011 is World Food Day. In honor of the day, Oxfam America, would like all of us to host a Sunday Dinner for our family and/or friends.  The goal is to promote a greater understanding of where our food comes from, with the larger goal of trying to help support small farms as well as the farmers and their families who own them.  These farmers work tirelessly to grow wholesome food for their families and all of us as they struggle against mother nature and big industry.  Many of these farms have been around for generations and its up to all of us to do what we can to help them continue to grow and provide delicious, wholesome food we can enjoy throughout the year.

At your Sunday dinner, Oxfam America has a few ideas for how to begin a meaningful conversation around the topic of where our food comes from:

Where does your food come from?

What is your favorite recipe? Why? What memories are associated with it? Where do you get the ingredients?

Where do they come from and who grows them? Are there times of the year you can’t make your favorite dish because some of the ingredients aren’t available?

Who is the face behind your food?

When you picture a farmer, who do you see? Do you know any farmers? How often do you buy food from a farmer directly? How many farms are in your town? County? State? Do you grow anything? If you could, what would it be?

How have rising food prices affected you?

Do rising food prices influence your choices at the grocery store or what you choose to eat? What are the staplesyou always have in your fridge? What is always on your grocery list? Where do you shop to get the basics(grocery stores, farm stands, corner stores, etc.) Do you grow or catch any of your food? Do you buy organic or local? Have you seen the prices of organic or local foods rise at all in the past year?

How is the global food system connected?

Have you visited another country? What are the popular foods there? Can you get those foods back home? How much of the food in your fridge is from the US? How much from other countries? If you could only buy food within a 100-mile radius, within a 1000-mile radius, or from the US, would it change your diet and life choices?

This Sunday my family will be sitting down to homemade spaghetti, as usual.  What will your’s enjoy?  Go to my facebook page, and let me know.  The first 5 responders will get a free set of recipe cards created especially for Oxfam America by chefs like Mark Bittman, Giada De Laurentiis, and others.



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